Texas Tax Code allows a temporary exemption on a portion of qualified property that is at least 15% damaged by a disaster, including Winter Storm Uri. The exemption applies only to qualified property, which includes:

  • Tangible business personal property used for income production if the owner filed a 2021 rendition;
  • An improvement to real property, which would include residential buildings (homes), commercial buildings (businesses), industrial buildings (manufacturing), multi-family buildings (apartments), and other real property buildings; and
  • Certain manufactured homes used as a dwelling.

The deadline for application is May 28, 2021.



The Appraisal District will determine if the property qualifies for the temporary exemption and will assign a damage assessment rating of Level I, II, III or IV based on evidence of damage submitted with the Application Form. The District may also rely on information from other sources, including local emergency management authority, FEMA, or other appropriate sources like insurance adjusters or repair estimates.



Damage Assessment

Damage Description

Exemption Percentage


15% < 30%

Minimal, may continue to be used as intended



30% < 60%

Nonstructural damage and waterline <18" above floor if flooded.



60% < 100%

Significant structural damage and waterline 18"+ above floor if flooded




Total loss; repair is not feasible



Generally, the amount of the exemption is determined as follows:

Taxpayer files an application along with evidence of at least a 15% loss in value due to storm damages.

  1. The District reviews the application to determine if the property qualifies and, if it does, at which Damage Level.
  2. Then the property’s building value (excluding land) or the personal property value is multiplied by the Exemption Percentage determined to be appropriate.
  3. Then the result of Step 2 above is prorated for the year based on the number of days in 2021 between the date the governor declares the disaster and the end of the year. For 2021, the proration factor for this disaster is 0.88 (322 days / 365 days = 0.88). 



A $100,000 house (structure value only) received $20,000 in damage from burst pipes that resulted in nonstructural damage. The exemption is calculated as follows:


  1. $20,000 damage / $100,000 value = 20% damages. This is a Level 1 assessment.
  2. $100,000 house value X 15% = $15,000
  3. $15,000 X 0.88 = $13,200 exemption that reduces the taxable value for 2021


The Appraisal District must send written notice of the approval, modification, or denial of the application to the applicant.

This temporary exemption expires on Jan. 1 of the year in which the subject property is reappraised.


Application Process:

Application form: http://ncadistrict.com/data/_uploaded/Forms/2021%2003%2005%2050-312.pdf


Submit the application and evidence of damages to:

Mail:    Nueces County Appraisal District       Email: info@nuecescad.net    Fax: 361.883.3113

            Exemptions Dept.

            201 North Chaparral

            Corpus Christi, TX 78401


Deadline for filing the Exemption Application with the District is May 28, 2021.